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Meet Louise Walsh

Louise Walsh is a Celebrity Semi-Permanent Make-Artist who was responsible for bringing semi-permanent make up to the UK over 25 years ago and Official UK Distributor of Purebeau products, her collaboration with Purebeau has kept her at the forefront of this exciting industry and at the top of her game. This unique partnership of over 15 years has coupled the most talented technician in the world with superior technology and equipment, giving an excellent combination with which to run Purebeau Academy, where Elite Trainers create Elite technicians.
Louise's story began after a chance meeting in a bank with a semi-permanent make up artist, they got talking and Louise was so intrigued she wanted to find out more. With a few minutes to spare before work she went to the clinic for a demonstration. As a blonde Louise had drawn her eyebrows on with pencil every day and had a natural interest in make up application, at the clinic she was shown how her brows could be permanent and was hooked. Louise has never looked back, she has been instrumental to the development of pain-control and key in the advancement of technology ensuring procedures today are so much more comfortable than when she initially had it done.

With an artistic flair, a passion for make up and a knack for selling Louise decided to train in this art. Having heard about a school in Orlando, Louise went on a journey that would then take her to numerous advanced training schools in Los Angeles and New York, being a perfectionist she wanted to become proficient before she felt confident to perform the techniques on anyone else. On returning to the UK Louise rented space in Liverpool, but found it difficult to drum up interest in the new technique. She was just about to return to her old job when an opportunity came along to appear on the Vanessa Feltz show. The Producers of the show were looking for people with obsessions. On the basis that she was so obsessed with make up that she had it permanently applied, Louise contacted the network. After appearing on the show she was contacted by the Editor of Marie Claire who ran a feature on Louise which sparked interest from many other national publications. Semi Permanent make up was now introduced to the UK and the rest is history.

There are a select few professions where technical expertise, artistry and application of theory rank as equally important; few people in the micropigmentation industry have the 'gift' of making the application of semi permanent cosmetics an art. Patience, an eye for detail, a steady hand and the driving desire to perform every procedure as if her name was attached, are all qualities of this professional artist.

Louise has transformed the lives of thousands of people who have suffered hair loss through illness, scarring or alopecia and specialises in helping those who have undergone reconstructive surgery to regain their confidence. She understands how important looking good is to recovery and can get you back to your naturally beautiful self in no time.

Louise is able to quickly understand the reservations or fears you may have about semi permanent make up and will advise you what will work best to emphasise your features and personality. “It's imperative that I listen to requirements and also any concerns my clients may have. My clients always return to me because they trust me 100%”.

For more information about the Purebeau Training Academy and product range please visit www.purebeau.co.uk 
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