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Frequentley Asked Questions

How is Louise's semi permanent make up procedure different from others?
Louise Walsh is the difference. For over 20 years she has strived for perfection in the industry and now realises the reaction she gets from clients who range from royals to supermodels, give her the dedication and satisfaction to change peoples lives.

She is totally committed to creating the look each client is looking for, and uses her own talent, experience and expertise to offer you the ultimate service.

How long does a treatment take?
Usually around one hour. This includes the consultation where the shape and colour are chosen, numbing time, insertion of pigment and aftercare. Deciding on the shape and colour is never rushed. It is imperative that this is perfect and that you are completely satisfied before the treatment process.

How long does it last?
The pigment will progressively fade over time although it may not disappear forever. Some technicians will quote 2/5 years when in actual fact there is no guarantee as each individual will react differently, and lifestyle plays a major role. The aftercare advice is an important part of maintaining the effects of your semi permanent make up.

What factors affect semi permanent make up?

  • How long you spend in the sun.
  • The longer you spend in the sun the faster the pigment will fade.
  • The regeneration of skin cells.
  • The longer the regeneration the longer the pigment holds.
  • The choice of colour.
  • Some colours fade quicker than others.

What if styles change?
As semi permanent make up professionals we never do anything that is too "trendy'.' We use colours that are custom blended to complement your skin tones, eye and hair colour to give a soft, natural appearance. However, the colours can be changed at anytime by blending another colour over the original if you wish.

Does it hurt?
As every individual is different the levels of discomfort will vary. In order to minimise any sensation, topical anesthetics are applied prior to and during the procedure in order to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Is there a chance of Infection?
Although it is virtually impossible to guarantee a 0% chance of infection, we strive to minimise any potential infection by adhering to the strictest safety procedures. Sterile needles from sealed packets are used in every single procedure.

Is it expensive?
Not if you look at the long-term cost and effect. It costs more than a year's cosmetic bill, but is little compared to 2-5 years of daily make up expenses. Also, it doesn't run or wash off and it is a great time saver. It is worth every penny to make the most of your natural beauty.

How soon can I go out?
Immediately! As mentioned earlier the colour may appear a little darker than required for the first few days. Occasionally the initial crusting is slightly visible, but never enough to be noticeable.

Does it look natural?
Louise always advises her clients to select natural looking enhancements. The enhancements should not look conspicuous, they should stay in harmony with your features skin tone and skin colour. People will notice the improvement in your appearance without being aware of your treatment.
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